Why use a VPN?

Suitable VPN

Using a VPN has many advantages. Whether for personal use or within a
company, the VPN protects private data.

Protect your connection

When you are in a cafe, hotel, restaurant or airport, for example, the VPN gratis
protects your Wi-Fi connections. All data sent and received by your computer or
phone will be encrypted. Thus, they will not be visible and within reach of the first

Protect personal information and privacy

The Internet has become an essential tool in the professional
environment. Whatever your profession, you will necessarily need computer
tools. By using a VPN, you effectively secure all your connected tools.
Social networks have gained a lot of notoriety in recent years. Billions of people
have accounts on different community sites. Given the sensitive information you
put on these networks, fraudulent access to your account could be
disastrous. Many people have already had their account hacked after connecting
to a wifi network. With a VPN, you don't risk your login credentials falling into the
wrong hands.
The VPN can also protect you from spyware. This software, generally used by
parents to protect their children, can be hijacked by hackers. They use it to easily
access your computer or phone. When you use a VPN Windows, no one will be able
to remotely install spyware on your machine.

Access various platforms securely

The VPN improves your overall web experience. Whether for work or for
entertainment, you will necessarily use different platforms. With a VPN you surf
safely. Whatever sites you visit, you can be sure that no one has access to your
information. You can therefore connect to your streaming platforms or gaming
sites without fear of anything.

Bypass geographic limitations

You have surely come across web content inaccessible from your country. You
read the message: "this content is not available in your country" and you can't do
anything. By using a VPN, you easily bypass geographic limitations. You will be
able to access all kinds of content from abroad:
TV channels ;
Online videos;
Video games…
When you use sites like Netflix, you will sometimes find that certain videos are
accessible to you long after other countries. This is due to broadcast contracts and
media chronology in different countries. With a VPN, you can access the latest
movies uploaded, long before they are released in your country. The VPN has the
ability to trick the servers of different sites into believing that your computer is in
a completely different country. You bypass geographic limitations from any
Le VPN can also help you save money. For example, certain types of subscription
or purchase are much more expensive in France than in other countries. With the
VPN, you can buy digital content from the most favorable country while staying at

Bypass censorship in some countries

You are no doubt aware of the censorship practiced in certain countries. This is a
provision that aims to protect the political or cultural ideas of a country. Thus,
certain web content that goes against the rules is directly blocked. In some
countries, you won't be able to access most community sites or news platforms.
With a VPN, you can bypass the censorship that weighs on a site and access it
without any difficulty. You have free access to information while others
cannot. Once your VPN is activated, you are connected to a server located
abroad. Therefore, your IP address also appears to be abroad and censorship no
longer applies.


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