Babe Ruth’s Black History: 5 Little-Known Facts About The Babe

Babe Ruth

If you’re a fan of baseball, then you probably know all about Babe Ruth. Ruth was one of the greatest players in history, and he even has his own holiday in honor of his accomplishments. But did you know that Ruth was also an important figure in black history? In this blog post, we’ll explore five little-known facts about the Babe that will change your understanding of him. From his early days as a professional ballplayer to his work with civil rights organizations, these facts will help to contextualize Ruth’s legacy.

Ruth was born in Cambridge, MA

Ruth was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 6, 1894. Ruth’s father was a plumber and her mother was a housewife. Ruth had two older brothers and two older sisters. When Ruth was six years old, her family moved to Baltimore, Maryland. In Baltimore, Ruth attended Catholic school.

In 1914, at the age of 16, Ruth left Baltimore and traveled to New York City to try out for the Yankees baseball team. The Yankees coach, Joe McCarthy, rejected Ruth because he said that he only wanted players who were “white and Protestant.” However, another player on the team ( Lou Gehrig) recommended that Ruth try out. After trying out for the Yankees, Ruth joined the minor league club in Newark, New Jersey.

In 1916, after playing in Newark for two years, Ruth made his Major League debut with the Yankees. That year he hit 34 home runs and knocked in 129 RBIs. During his 10-year career with the Yankees (1916-1925), he hit 306 home runs and drove in 1,496 RBIs. In 1927 Ruth signed with the Boston Red Sox (his third team). That year he hit 55 home runs and drove in 155 RBIs with the Red Sox. In 1928 he retired from baseball after hitting 54 home goals with Boston.

Ruth was a great hitter but he was also a great fielder and baserunner; he led all major league players in both assists (2109

He played for the Boston Red Sox

1. Babe Ruth was one of the most popular and well-known athletes in the world during his time.

2. Ruth played for the Boston Red Sox, a team that was known for its dominant play during his time.

3. Ruth is widely considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, and he holds numerous records and achievements that are still standing today.

4. Ruth’s legacy will live on through his many accomplishments as an athlete and humanitarian, and he is widely considered to be one of America’s most celebrated citizens.

Ruth was the first player to hit a home run over 500 feet

Ruth was the first player to hit a home run over 500 feet. The feat was achieved on April 14, 1927 in a game against the New York Yankees. Ruth hit his home run off of Yankee pitcher Hal Newhouser with a distance of 502 feet, 7 inches.

Ruth played in the first World Series

1. Ruth played in the first World Series.
2. Ruth was a 19-year-old rookie when he made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox in 1914.
3. Ruth helped lead the Red Sox to their first championship in 1918, hitting a record-breaking 36 home runs in the process.
4. In 1920, Ruth led the Red Sox to another championship by hitting 59 home runs and driving in 132 RBIs.
5. After leaving Boston for New York City in 1922, Ruth led the Yankees to four consecutive championships from 1923 through 1926, becoming one of only two players (the other being Walter Johnson) to win four MVP Awards during that span.
6. In 1927, Ruth hit his final home run as an active player and retired with an impressive career batting average of .342 and a record total of 714 home runs (a mark that still stands).

Ruth was one of the most popular athletes of his time

Ruth was one of the most popular athletes of his time. He achieved international fame and was a household name. In fact, he was so famous that he even had his own radio show! Ruth also became one of the wealthiest athletes of his time.


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