7 Smokable Herbs You Can Consume Instead Of Tobacco

Smokable Herbs
Smokable Herbs

Did you know that you do not have to be smokable herbs if you are trying to quit but don’t want to shock your body by stopping abruptly? While there are different ways to ease and free yourself from tobacco smoking, one of the most effective ways that have been found to work is changing the herb you smoke and finding tobacco alternatives. Fortunately, there are many herbal alternatives to explore when you still want to smoke something.

But what are some of the options you are likely to have if you choose to ditch tobacco for a different herb? Check out the suggested alternatives below, as they have been tried and tested and found to work excellently.

1. Skullcap

Whether you are searching for smokable flowers or leaves that you can burn and smoke, consider exploring the herb skullcap as one of your first options. Skullcap herb has a mild calming effect which is excellent for anyone who wants to ease themselves out of tobacco dependence. Unfortunately, when smoked, it omits a fairly neutral flavor. You can start by purchasing it but with time, grow your crop.

It’s a perennial plant that spreads, making a perfect ground cover that does not go over a foot tall. All you need to do is sow the seeds indoors in spring and transplant them when it is sunny. It requires regular watering, preferably every week. Once the crop matures, you can use cuttings to propagate it moving forward at least every fall season.

2. Mullein

This is another excellent herbal alternative to smoke in place of tobacco. It has been used for years as a perfect lung tonic, with people using it to treat infections related to the lungs and breathing system. Many have utilized it when they cough and have experienced some form of relief when sick. Its smoke is light and mild, meaning that it is bearable. It is easy to think that it has no flavor, which can be great for people used to intense tobacco flavors.

The plant is also another easy bi-annual herb to grow. It has often been considered a garden weed due to its fast and easy-growing abilities. You will love that it is drought resistant, so it may not be very demanding watering and irrigation. Even so, it can still benefit from irrigating.

3. Coltsfoot

Anyone suffering from congestion and lung issues should consider smoking coltsfoot because of its herbal properties. This herb works as an expectorant that helps eliminate phlegm from the lungs. You will love the neutral flavor, but you are cautioned not to take too much of it since it can be harsh and cause excessive coughing if you do not regulate its intake.

Make sure the concentration in blends is reasonable and not overpowering. It is grown from rhizomes that form extensive colonies when grown under optimum conditions. They can grow up to 12 inches tall and require warm moist, rich soils to thrive.

4. Uva-Ursi

It was used by native Americans for special cultural occasions but has since been adopted by people seeking to find smoking alternatives to tobacco. Surprisingly, the medium smoke and pretty earthy solid flavor make this herb a favorite for smokers who choose it. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to propagate by seed, and it is advisable to use the potted plant. It offers an attractive woody ground cover that you can use for aesthetic purposes even as you enjoy the benefits of the plant.

5. Mugwort – Artemisia Vulgaris

This was a popular herb to smoke among different communities since it promoted vivid dreams. It is known to have a mild psychotropic effect when smoked during the day. The herb is perfect for people seeking to find sweet, mildly flavored herbs. It is a small perennial spreading herb that you can grow from a potted plant. Many people grow it with ease since it requires little care. However, one must beware that it can quickly become invasive when grown or exposed to most conditions.

6. Mint

Anyone that enjoys cooking and trying different flavors certainly knows about mint. There are different types of mints, but they are all excellently flavored. Mint is a potent herb that has been used in many smoking herbal blends because of the unique flavor it brings to the blend. Its lemony flavor makes it special. What’s more, you can experiment with the different types of mint, including spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint.

Consider blending mint with closely related herbs such as lemon balm to create a fantastic smoking blend. Whether you decide to mix it with other blends or take the herbs on their own, you can be sure that mint is a perfect addition. The most excellent news is that you can grow mint anywhere you are.

They spread quickly and can also thrive as potted plants when watered regularly. You can even consider growing them as indoor plants. Having mint in your garden is great since you will also use it in your cooking and herbal tea preparations.

7. Sage

One other great herb to consider for smoking blends is sage. You probably know it as a spice in your cooking, but it is also an excellent smoking herb. The only thing you may want to note is that it has to be mixed to make a perfect blend. It may be too strong to smoke it on its own.

To make a great blend with sage, and also, depending on flavor preference, collect young leaves and dry them indoors. Make sure to pick the leaves after the morning dew subsides and dry them slowly away from direct sunlight. Don’t rush the drying process by using an oven or dehydrator, interfering with the flavor.

Once your leaves are dry, crush them by hand, following a uniform consistency. The moment you achieve your preferred herb sizes, find the suitable blend base to mix with. Options include all the herbs as mentioned above. However, it is a matter of trial and error until you find the perfect blend for yourself since preferences differ. Doing a bit of research ahead of time can help make the right choice.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to beat yourself up about sticking to tobacco smoking if you desire to quit. However, there is a different route if you still want to smoke. First, consider beneficial smoking herbs that can serve as alternatives for tobacco. Most of these herbs will positively impact your health and improve your immunity. If you are unsure about it, try slowly incorporating the different herbs available in the market first.

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